Error when installing Service Manager Datawarehouse “An error occurred while executing a custom action:_CreateSrsFolder_SC”

It’s common to see an installation failure due to some misconfigured prerequisites.

But sometimes you may face some abnormal case, as shown in the following screenshot:


Mainly, when you face such a situation, you go directly to the “Event Viewer” or the Logs to get more details about the issue.

So, once you checked the “Event Viewer”, you will figure out that the “System Center Management Configuration Service” connection has timed out.

And, in order to solve such an issue, you’ve to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the “Registry Editor”
  2. Go to the following path “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control”
  3. Look for “ServicesPipeTimeout” Value, if it exists Modify its decimal value to “600000”, if not You’ve to create a DWORD Value and set its decimal value to “600000”.
  4. Restart your server.

Once you open it again and restart your installation, everything will work just fine.


Error: “The Process cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file” for a Hyper-V VM

We all hate errors that its way intersect with us, but what if you faced an error when you are powering on your VM !

I know how you feel now.

Anyway, such an error that apparently sounds like a long time of troubleshooting is needed, can be handled with a very few steps.


  1. Open the VM Settings.
  2. Remove the virtual DVD Drive
  3. Re-add the Virtual DVD Drive

Try to power on your VM again, and everything will look fine.

Integrating SCVMM 2016 with SCOM 2016 Error (25932)

System Center Virtual Machine Manager and System Center Operations Manager are very important System Center family members and are commonly used, and integrating them is very important due to the features that you can get as a result of that integration.

So, it is not a laughing matter when you face the following error during the integration process:

Error (25932):Connection to Operations Manager failed with exception”Exception of type ‘Microsoft.VirtualManager.EnterpriseManagement.Common.ManagementPackExceptionOM10’ was thrown”


Actually, this is a bug with both SCVMM and SCOM 2016 which has been fixed with update rollup 1, and at the time of this writing there’s:

  • Update Rollup 2.1 for SCVMM which can be download from here.
  • Update Rollup 2 for SCOM which can be downloaded from here.

Once you download these rollup updates and installed it, this issue would disappear.

The specified SQL Server Instance is not valid while installing SCOM Reporting Server

Reporting Server role is one of the most important roles of SCOM, since it helps us to generate reports about almost everything that has been monitored by SCOM so far.

So, facing the following error while installing the SCOM Reporting Server Role would devastate your dreams regarding that part.

SCOM Reporting Services installation error

But it is not a tough matter to handle. In order to solve that error you can just follow the next steps:

  1. Open “Reporting Services Configuration Manager”.
  2. Connect to your instance.
  3. Go to “Encryption Keys”.
  4. Click on “Delete”.
  5. Go back to your installation wizard and and everything would be fine.

Replica is inconsistent for BMR and System State in SCDPM 2016

When you add any BMR and System State in a Protection Group, in order to back it up, you will note that “Replica is inconsistent” is the protection status, and when the backup starts as per the schedule you determined, it will fail for that part.


Microsoft has fixed this issue in Update Rollup 2, So in order to solve it you have to preform the following tasks:

  1. Download SCDPM 2016 Update Rollup 2 from here.
  2. Update you DPM Servers
  3. Stop the protection for BMR & System State.
  4. Add them again to the protection Group.

Finally, you will have their protection status, such as the following Figure:


Error ID:33510, DPM Could not find a suitable disk storage with enough free space for data source in SCDPM 2016

When you run System Center Data Protection Manager on Windows Server 2016, you will face the following error when you try to create a protection group, if you are preparing storage the legacy way.


And it’s OK, because System Center 2016 Data Protection Manager running on Windows Server 2016, only supports  the new DPM Modern Storage feature which uses ReFs formatted volumes instead of disks.  The volume(s) must not reside on a Windows Dynamic Disks, just a basic disk which should be GPT if the disk is 2TB or larger.  Add the volume(s) to the DPM storage pool, then protection can succeed.

For more info about adding storage to DPM 2016, click here.

ErrorID:40005 in SCDPM 2016, The Specified Storage is Unusable

The specified storage is unusbale as it is a system volume, has existing data, is in an unhealthy state or formatted incorrectly. (ID:40005).


You would face such an error, when you try to add volumes in System Center 2016 Data Protection Manager. That error was unsolvable, and there was no workaround that would help you, until Microsoft released Rollup Update 2 for SCDPM 2016. This update would solve this issue, which you can download from here.